Environmental Cleanup -
Oil Spills

In Environment / February 03 2015

Environmental Cleanup - Oil Spills

The oil spill cleanup market has traditionally been dominated by destructive techniques that do not effectively reclaim oil. The conventional techniques used have limitations within themselves, along with very limited flexibility as to site adaptation.

recoil™ is an oil absorbing material that has been designed to provide a near complete cleanup solution. Unlike conventional techniques of oil spill cleanup, recoil™ allows the absorbed oil to reclaimed, reprocessed and reused all with existing off-the-shelf technology. recoil™ offers many competitive advantages with its simplicity being a major strength. Being easy and fast to use, recoil™can be deployed efficiently to provide a rapid response to an oil spill.

recoil™ is a material that is designed to preferentially absorb oil. It is hydrophobic (water hating) whilst being oleophilic (oil loving). It absorbs oil into itself and holds it until it is ‘squeezed out’ or removed by solvent extraction. It is an easy to use product, designed to be low-tech and and an effective means of oil spill cleanup. recoil™ is designed as a quick response material that can be stored for long periods of time, or manufactured very quickly as needed. Manufacture can even occur at the spill site. Being an engineered material, recoil™ offers many advantages including being cut into nearly any size or shape. This means that recoil™ can be produced as booms, powders, pads, strips or anything else that may be suitable for a particular application.

The advantage to this is that recoil™ can address multiple aspects of a cleanup situation; can be tailored to suit various cleanup locations or methods; and can be manufactured to meet various local conditions/regulations on the use of sorbent materials.

recoil™ is able to absorb oil from both water borne oil spills and hard surfaces. This means that recoil™ can be kept as part of a spill kit in existing industries. recoil™ can be manufactured into any shape or size and stored for emergency response. Additionally, recoil™ can be used for general waterway maintenance such as harbours, ports or marinas.

recoil™ has already received:

  • United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) approval
  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) non-OSCA acceptance
  • National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) Product Registration Permit (Nigeria)
  • Application for other international accreditations including the European Union are currently being undertaken

The amount of recoil™ to be used will be dependant on the type of oil and the conditions at the spill site. The remaining recoil™material from oil the oil extraction process can be disposed off in a variety of ways. These include: Incineration, Power plants, Rose base/Asphaltic mixes and cement kilns.

All in all, recoil™ is designed to be a simple to use material that offers a near 100% cleanup result whilst retrieving the spilt oil for reuse. This preserves a non renewable and valuable resource.

recoil™ is owned by The 7 Mountain Group. Proceeds from recoil™ are used to support The Way Foundation.